Lego World!

Well, this scene proved quite the challenge! I had big ideas for the Lego World, but of course ended up reigning them in for the final result. I started out by building a Lego set. My first problem was that I didn’t have a big enough screen to put behind it, so I used a combination of a sheet and some green cardboard – not a good start!


This led to problems when I tried keying out the background, as the backdrop was just not good enough to compensate for my rather average keying skills. This would still not have been too bad, except I filmed the scene with a zoom effect, so I then wasted a day trying to rotoscope the whole 5 secs. I also discovered that having movement on the scene made it difficult to match with all the additional elements I intended to add to the scene. A new plan was needed.

I decided to take a still shot of one of the rotoscoped frames I had completed, and work from a still image instead. I still wanted to use the zoomed scene a bit, so came up with an idea of playing the zoomed shot up until the edge of the ‘real’ Lego, then cut to the head rotation scene, before coming back to the full Lego city using the still image. Not an ideal solution, but the best I could come up with in the time frame.

full_scene copy

To add interest to the first part of the city scene, I added a Batmobile coming down the road. I filmed this by placing green card on the road, starting the camera and giving the car a big shove from behind! I then chroma keyed the car, added a shadow, and placed it into the shot. I actually like the result, but ideally wanted the Lego figure to turn his head, but could not get this looking good in the time frame.


I decided to add the additional Lego buildings into the scene using Photoshop. I had taken a large number of photos of different Lego creations, and just added them into the scene, blending them with a bit of blur and colour correction. I wanted the Lego figure to walk in this scene, but again ran out of time, so instead removed him from his original position, and photoshopped him further along the road. Finally I added a shadow to make him blend better.final_scene

I used a real horizon photo I took as the background. I also added some mid background objects. I wanted to add a parallel scroll to the background with a zoom, but failed to get this working, so I finally had to settle for a still image, with a couple of flying objects to add interest. I like the final result, but given more time I would expand it with a lot more moving objects.


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