Final Reflection

Overall, this has been a challenging, but very enjoyable subject. I came into it with no knowledge at all of After Effects, and just limited Photoshop skills. I still have a lot to learn, but am a lot more confident in both programs now.

I am very happy with my final video, but understand that it is not as polished as I hoped, and I really would need a couple more weeks to achieve this. My time management was quite good (especially compared to previous subjects!), but I think my main issue was that I set my sights too high for the time and skills I had. As I had no knowledge of AE, I really had no idea how long it would take to finish tasks, despite all the warnings given by the tutors! I also had a number of computer issues as my laptop was struggling to run AE well. I helped fix this a fair bit by using an external hard drive for extra RAM, but still had issues, and twice my file got corrupted.

I have learnt that it is very important to plan and film scenes correctly in the first place, as even though I had a good storyboard, I made mistakes that took time to fix that I really didn’t have. Some scenes in my final video, such as the one submitted in Assignment 2, were not perfectly finished. In this case, I somehow managed to delete the whole scene and had to use the mp4 instead! The head rotation scene was going to be omitted, but when I realised I still needed it, I had to rush it, and it shows.

I am happy with the sound of the video. I decided that the black and white scenes would only have music, as the mood I wanted to create was ruined when I tried adding in footsteps etc. A minimal approach to this half of the video worked best in my opinion.

Overall, I am pleased with the result. The perfectionist in me wants to keep going with it, so I will probably keep polishing it, and see if I can learn more skills along the way. Most importantly, my son, the star of the video, loves it! This is an area I enjoy working in, and I hope to continue to use and improve the knowledge I have gained here.




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