Lego Wink

This was quite a simple little scene, but is probably my favourite looking result. I filmed a close up of my son holding the Lego figure, then opened it up in Photoshop. When I looked at the image, I realised my son had painted fingernails (Portal designs!) that should not be seen. The light was also reflecting on the minifigure’s face quite strongly.


I decided to test my Photoshop skills and set about removing the nail designs. I achieved this by using a combination of clone stamp and brushes to slowly recolour the nails to something more like their natural state. I showed my wife the retouched photo and she didn’t even realise I had changed it, so I took that as proof that my changes didn’t stand out too bad. I also removed the light reflection using clone stamp, brushes and mirroring half the face. Finally, I adjusted the colour of the photo to tone down the light and add more colour to the image.


I then had to create a wink, so I created a closed eye and replaced the open one. I also redrew the eyebrow so it was a bit lower, and warped the mouth slightly by pulling it up a touch. I am very happy with the final outcome



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