B&W plus Portal combined scene

This scene combines the black and white effect with the portal I created. The idea is the portal is clear, bright and colourful to contrast the rest of the scene. In the original shooting, a building could be seen behind the fence, which I did not want, so I masked out everything above the fence and replaced it with a short video I shot of some trees behind a fence. I made the portal into a 3D layer so I could turn it.

To create the effect of the face going into the portal, I simply duplicated the shot and placed the new layer above the portal. I then masked this layer into view on the frames where the body is in front of the portal, and masked it out again in a rough line down the middle of the portal, so the face ‘disappeared’. Finally, I masked a more opaque duplication of the portal over the boy to give the impression of the portal reflecting onto him.

I like the final result I have created here, which matches my original storyboard well, and think the combination of the b/w with the colourful portal works nicely.


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