Project Planning Update

This is how my Gantt chart was looking at the end of week 8. I was keeping reasonably on top of things until week 6, then things started taking longer than I hoped (not a surprise!) and I started slipping behind a bit. My computer has been struggling to run After Effects well, so everything is taking even longer to achieve than it should. The orange coloured sections are tasks that were completed later than planned, and these increase as time goes by. At this stage I had already rescheduled the outside filming, as Melbourne weather has not given me the gloomy day I ideally want.
Gantt project planner2

I have now revised my planner. As previously mentioned, things are taking longer than hoped, so I have factored this into the update. I realised through my visual tests that rotoscoping in particular can be very time consuming. I still hope that as I become more familiar and confident with After Effects, work will speed up, but I know it is a slow process.

I hope to film the outside footage this week, as I believe the weather forecast should be kind to me. I have a camera and tripod sourced, and have a location to film the outside scenes. These scenes will mostly not require any green screen, but will be filtered in AE to be grainy and dull looking. I have put down the Lego building and filming it be completed by the end of week 10, so this will give me two weeks after that to finish composition work on the footage. I have been working on the Lego on and off in my spare time, so I have made a start on this, plus I have the completed scene from Assignment 2.

I have added some tutorials to the planner to watch week 9, as I need help with colour grading and creating my portal effect. I have also listed a series to help with creating a matte painting for the background of my Lego world. I decided to add these all to this week, as I have put so many hours into completing the visual test, that I need a little break from AE!

Here is my updated planner: Gantt project planner_final


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