Final Visual Test

For my final visual test, I took all the knowledge I had gained from my previous tests and redid the ‘giant hand’ shot in my final intended aesthetic, with the hope that I could get it to a high enough standard to use in my final video.

After having a number of problems with my chroma keying in my previous tests, I made a few changes this time. Firstly, I filmed the initial stop motion of the Lego figure in front of a Lego set, rather than a green screen, as I realised it would work better this way and avoid the trouble of shadows on his legs. Secondly, I changed the way of filming the Lego character for when he is being lifted through the air. I remembered the tutorial video from earlier in the course when the man used green playdoh (I think) to raise the object in front of the green screen, and used a similar technique by standing the Lego figure on green Lego.
DSC_1542 (1)
For the Lego background set, I built an improved design, and covered the inside of the windows and door with green paper, so I could add detail to the inside of the house. I did this using Photoshop, adding Lego furniture / floor images and putting a glass effect over them. I am not entirely happy with the result, and may look to improve this for the final piece.
camera (31)

I refilmed the giant hand, this time from slightly further away, and chroma keyed the result. I then placed this footage on top of the stop motion I filmed in front of the Lego set, so the hand would grab the head in the correct place. Next I tracked the Lego figure being lifted, as in my previous test, and added my other stop motion of the Lego character waving his arms and legs to this track. It was then a case of rotoscoping out the unwanted Lego figure in the hand, lining the tracked Lego figure up to the hand and the static Lego figure, and trying to blend them all together with colour effects. Finally, I duplicated the hand layer, and rotoscoped it down to just the thumb, so I could have one hand layer behind the Lego figure, and one in front, so it looks like the figure is in between the fingers. I also added the giant shadow coming down over the figures head, and placed a slight shadow under the Lego figure in the opening shots.

I had a few disasters along the way, (including at the last minute!) but the test went okay. I feel I can still improve it at a later time, but it gives an idea of what I am going to try to achieve in the final piece. I have started to become more confident with rotoscoping and tracking, but still need to work on the chroma keying. I had a play around with colour correction, making the Lego set more vibrant, and will look to further develop this and other skills in the coming weeks.


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