Final Animatic

I made a few small changes for my final animatic, following the feedback I was given for assignment 1 and my draft animatic. I added a simple fade in to the start of the video, and used a few close ups to help set the mood. I also added a grain effect to the initial ‘real world’ scenes and made them slightly darker. This is to highlight the difference between the gloomy real world and the bright Lego world. For my final piece I will experiment with different filters and grain levels to create this.

I also added a few sound effects, and finally added a slogan and the Lego logo to the final scene as I decided the video could be a fake advert for Lego.

Audio References


bennychico11, Wink, 2011, .aif file,

stewdio2003, CP_Sci-Fi Ship Pass 02.aif, .aif file,

stewdio2003, CP_Subby_Whoosh.aif, .aif file,


Mothersbaugh, M, 2013, Prologue, .mp4 file, Burbank: Watertower Music

Mothersbaugh, M, 2013, My Secret Weapon, .mp4 file, Burbank: Watertower Music

Patterson,Shawn, Joshua Bartholomew, Lisa Harriton, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, 2014, Everything is Awesome, .mp4 file, Burbank: Watertower Music


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