Thoughts about my project

As we come towards the end of the pre-production stage of the development, a clearer idea of how my project is going is beginning to form, and I am confident and excited to get started.


As I have mentioned in a few of my posts, I am looking to show a contrast between the boy’s real world, and the Lego world. I am leaning towards adjusting the colour in the opening scene to either black and white, or just duller looking, similar to the ‘Terrarial’ short I watched. The only strong colour in this scene would be the portal, which I have decided to give a multi coloured, almost rainbow effect, rather than a traditional portal look.


Ultimately I will play around with the colour grading once I have filmed the shots, and go with what I (and others) think works best.


I will definitely be using the song, ‘Everything is Awesome’ from the Lego Movie as the music coming out of the portal. I have been listening to the soundtrack to see if there is other suitable music that I can also use. There is an instrumental version of the main song, and also a slow, acoustic version that may work for the opening scene. I will have a play around with my animatic next week, and see if it will work.

For sound effects, I plan to record some, such as footsteps, climbing wall sounds etc, when I shoot the video, as suggested in the ‘Aerial Footage & Sound From Portal Combat’ video I posted previously. I will also search through online sites that I have used previously, for additional sounds.


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