Additional Tutorials

As I have mentioned, an important part of the concept of my project is going to be is going to be the real world being dark and gloomy and the Lego world being bright and colourful. I have even been toying with the idea of having the opening scene in black & white, with just the portal having colour. Whatever I end up with, colour grading will be an important skill to learn.

I came across this Lynda tutorial series, ‘After Effects Guru: Color Grading Footage with Richard Harrington‘ that will be useful here. I have only watched the introduction video so far, but the series is less than 2 hours in total, and aimed at beginners, so I should be able to fit this into my timeline if required.

Another important skill is the stop-motion element. This Lynda series, ‘Getting Started with Stop Motion Animation with Richard Harrington‘ is a great introduction to the core concepts of stop-motion. The series looks at using iStopMotion for iPad, which looks like a good way to attempt this, so I will probably ‘borrow’ my daughters iPad and do that.


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