Star Wars – Versus: The Way to Shadow

I have mentioned this short(ish) film before, but I think they did a great job of the audio. The soundtrack is a mix of traditional Star Wars music with more ‘modern’ music, sometimes blending the two. A good example of the sound is at the start, where it starts with almost silence, just ambient forest sounds and footsteps, then music comes in to announce the change in mood and tempo.

Time Trap

This is another video I have mentioned before. I think it is relevant to my project as it features almost no dialogue, but carries the narrative along with a combination of visual cues and strong audio. The music is futuristic and quirky, which matches the on screen actions very well, and the film maker knows when silence works best and when to turn the volume up on the sound effects.

Aerial Footage & Sound From Portal Combat

This technical video shows the importance of sound in films. The narrator mentions that he believes that audio is more important to get right than special effects. The video gives some good tips about recording extra sound at the location to maybe be added in later, and also points out that even if a soundtrack is playing over a scene, it is important to be able to hear sound effects too, to enhance the production.


This was one of my favourite films of last year, and also one of the few movies I can think of in which I really noticed the sound. Many people disliked the sound, with some scenes so loud your seat would vibrate, while at other times the dialogue would be so muffled you could hardly hear it. Personally, I thought the sound was amazing.

The film emphasised each situation, whether the roar of rockets, the crash of space debris, or the stillness of space by making the sound so ‘in your face’ that you felt like you were in the scene with the actors. I believe this film is an excellent example of how powerful sound can be.

This video below talks to the movie’s sound supervisor about what they were trying to achieve through sound, and how they created some of the effects.

Star Wars

As I was typing this post up, I could here my family watching Star Wars from the next room, which reminded me how great the sound is in that movie. The amazing score from John Williams, probably the greatest film composer in my opinion, is of course iconic these days, but also captures the mood of each scene perfectly. Even without seeing the pictures, I can tell what is happening on screen. The sound effects are excellent too. They were all uniquely created, with many sounds, such as the Tie Fighters engines, being very different from sci fi sounds before, and many films since have since tried to copy the style. I even noticed the Wilhelm scream as I was writing this!


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