Additional research and analysis

I have continued to watch a number of different short films and thought I would post a few of the more influential ones here.

Michael Shanks

I have featured a few of this guy’s films on my blog, but he has by far been the biggest inspiration to me since I started this unit. He is an Australian film-maker and special effects artist, and mainly makes funny, quirky pop culture films. This showreel is a few years old, and some of the effects seem quite low quality compared to his more recent productions, but this is part of the reason he is such an inspiration. He has gone from low budget home productions to quality short films and music videos for Guy Pearce!

Kung Fury VFX breakdown

Kung Fury is an amazing short film that is a homage to cop movies of the 80’s. It is cheesy, with slightly wonky special effects at times, but that is kind of the point. Most of the movie was filmed in front of a green screen and composited together. This breakdown gives insight into some of the effects created. I found it interesting to note that they used stock video for the animal, showing that we can still create quality productions this way. I agree with the director when he says it is best to combine VFX with real models etc, rather than relying totally on CGI, and is certainly something I will try to achieve with my Lego city effects.


This is an interesting short film that makes great use of special effects, and in particular colour grading. There is no dialogue in the film, so the suspense is created using music and quick camera changes. I did not realise how drab the scenery was until the actress entered the sunny, well lit dome, and you could see the contrast. This shows how powerful colour can be and is something I hope to make work in my own project.


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