Vesa Lehtimäki (Avanaut) photography

I was reading through an article on FX Guide about the making of The Lego Movie (Failes 2014) that mentioned that the photography of  Vesa Lehtimäki, or Avanaut on Flickr, was an inspiration for the film-makers. This led me to check out his photography myself, which turned out to be very inspiring for my project too.

Lehtimäki creates realistic scenes using Lego. I am not sure about sharing his photos here, so I will post a link to his Flickr album, ‘Lego on Tatooine’ instead, which is my favourite of his work that I looked at.

This work inspires me for my project, as it shows that it is possible to merge Lego with real objects and it can look great. My favourite shot is the one in Jabba’s Palace with Leia in the bounty hunter, as I love the way the light filters through the window. I will now have a play with adding realistic elements to my Lego city, to see if it works for my project.

The final shot in this series of a stormtrooper in the sand also caused me to rethink one of the shots in my project. Instead of a side on shot of the Lego minifigure when the shadow appears over him, I will now film the shot from overhead, with the shadow coming in from the bottom of the shot. This is a quick sketch I drew.


Failes, I. 2014. Brick-by-brick: how Animal Logic crafted The LEGO Movie.


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