Concept Synopsis – Further research and development – Artist

After posting my 3 concepts on the discussion board, I dropped the Portal idea and so was left with the Lego and Artist ideas. My favourite was the Lego, but my tutor, Danny, liked the Artist idea best, so I decided to develop both ideas further.

I remembered that the old A-Ha music video featured a mix between drawings and real life, so I decided to take a look at that (with the sound muted 😛 ). The video is actually very clever, especially considering it is almost 30 years old now, although the acting is a bit cheesy. The main section that interested me is at the 1.00 min mark, where a sketched hand comes out of the comic, as this would be most similar to my own video. I like the way the shading on the hand keeps changing to show it is ‘alive’ rather than just a moving still drawing. I think the ‘sketch’ effect was probably created using the rotoscoping technique of tracing over the actual video footage.

I also looked at this stop-motion type video that uses multiple drawings to give the impression of character movement. The video features some clever ideas, like the pencil moving across the screen, but is let down by inconsistencies such as slight camera movement between frames, light changes and going out of focus at times. I am not sure if I would use any of these techniques for my video, but it definitely shows me some things to avoid if I use stop motion in my project.

I did a couple of concept sketches for the drawn character. I am not sure whether a more realistic, shaded character (more like the music video) would be best, or just a simple cartoon character, so I drew both.


I think I prefer the first sketch, but think it would probably be harder to use this in the animation. I need to work on this idea a bit further if I wish to develop it into my final piece.


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