Concept Synopsis – Further research and development – Lego

I noticed after I wrote out my expanded Lego synopsis that I had managed to incorporate my idea 7 without realising! The end scene will involve the Lego character being lifted out of the miniature Lego world and into the real world of the child’s bedroom. This will involve me building a Lego set and filming it and adding effects to make it look more real from close up. In many ways, it will be similar to the basement scene from ‘The Lego Movie’ where the action switches between real life and the Lego world.

Of course, I could not build a set as complex as the one in the above video. My kids have a lot of Lego, but not 1.5 million pieces as used here! This is what my sons bedroom looks like, so I think I could use this to create a decent starting point for a Lego set, with green screens to add more background objects, and use this area for the final bedroom scene.



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