Concept Synopsis 2 – Portal

THEME:  Lazy man watching TV uses special ‘portal’ remote control to get a fresh beer from the fridge.

The man is watching sport whilst eating snacks and drinking a beer on his favourite chair. He realises his beer is empty, so he picks up the remote, points it at the wall and pushes a button. This opens a portal to the inside of his fridge, he reaches in, grabs a fresh beer, and carries on watching TV. Could go for the crude ending of opening another portal to the toilet!

RESOURCES: Video footage of the man in his living room, with additional footage of the fridge with a hand grabbing the beer. After Effects would be used to create the portal, with additional effects and maybe green screen work for the hand reaching through it.

CONTEXT: Just a funny short, that could become part of a series or larger film.

AUDIENCE: Adult YouTube audience. Fans of Portal.

REFERENCES: Basic After Effects Training:

References on Portal effects:


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