Concept Synopsis 3 – Lego

THEME:  A boy uses his imagination to enter a Lego world whilst playing.

A boy is playing with a ball in the street, when the ball goes into a portal and disappears. The boy looks through the portal and discovers a Lego version of his world. He climbs through himself and becomes a Lego minifigure himself. The video ends with a large hand picking up the minifigure, panning out to reveal the original boy playing with Lego in his bedroom.

RESOURCES: Video footage of the boy playing in the street, and also playing Lego in his bedroom. Stop motion Lego footage of the Lego world. A real Lego set built, with added effects from AE. A suitable music track, maybe even ‘Everything is Awesome’ from the ‘Lego Movie’

CONTEXT:  A short film, maybe one of a series.

AUDIENCE: Fans of Lego stop motions, from 8 to 80!

REFERENCES: Basic After Effects Training:

Lego stop motion basics:

References on Portal effects:

Useful additional effects for entering / leaving a portal:


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