Concept Synopsis 1 – Artist

THEME: An artist trying to draw the perfect cartoon character, with his rejected efforts teaching him a valuable lesson.

The scene starts with the artists drawing an image, screwing it up, binning it, and starting again, and again… The scene moves to the bin, where the rejected sketches climb out of the bin, pick up a discarded pencil, and stab the artist in the foot, telling him to ‘Stop being such a perfectionist’. (Yes it’s all about me!)

RESOURCES: Video footage of the desk, the artists hand, the bin and the foot. The desk will be shot from the artists viewpoint, looking down. The bin and foot will be shot from ground level. After Effects will be used to add the effects, with maybe some Flash for animation if this turns out to be easier (I have never used After Effects)

CONTEXT: Just a short, hopefully amusing, film that could become a scene from a larger project

AUDIENCE: YouTube generation. Anyone with a short attention span.

REFERENCES: Basic After Effects Training:

Also, the video embedded in the idea page and similar videos


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