Concept Generation – Idea 9

I have always loved Lego, and my son has made a number of Lego stop motion videos in the past, so I have been interested in using Lego in an animation for a while. This idea is set in the Lego world, and features a Lego Funhouse that has a mirror that relects the ‘real world’ back. Here is a very bad image I drew.
The scene would feature a Lego stop motion of a Lego family entering the funhouse and looking into the mirror. Everything in their world is Lego, so I would build a set out of Lego (I’m sure my son has enough to spare!), and then probably flesh it out with cgi. The reflection would have to match the Lego exactly, but with real life objects. This would involve building Lego characters that looked and dressed like the actors I would use and for matching props, like a character holding a banana, a plant in the background etc.


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