Concept Generation – Idea 4

My next couple of ideas revolve around drawn characters coming to life. The first one has an artist drawing a scene on an easel in a garden, then the scene comes it life (clouds moving, trees swaying etc) and an animal from the picture, probably a bird or butterfly, leaves the easel and flies into the real world.

The scene would be shot from the artists perspective, like this quick sketch I drew.

I found this short animation video that shows a similar effect, but is not a great example in my opinion. The artist’s hand is too close and only draws a line across the paper, rather than the objects that appear.

My idea would involve me filming sketching out the picture, or sketching it first then creating an animation effect of the picture slowly appearing (I have done something similar in Flash before, so hopefully achievable!), and maybe green screening the artist hand. I would then have to animate the picture and use a model or just more effects for the creature flying into the real world. I will need to do some research as to the best way to do this, but the idea has possibilities I think.


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