Concept Generation – Idea 1

This idea involves having a character from an old arcade machine ‘jump’ from their game into various other machines in the arcade, then interacting with these games by dodging bullets, avoiding ghosts etc. This is a sketch I did whilst brainstorming.

The movie ‘Wreck-it-Ralph’ used a similar theme in it’s end credits (see video), but my idea would actually feature the real life arcade with the machines lined up in a row.

As these old school arcades don’t really exist any more (sadly), I imagine I would have to create one using stock images and photoshop wizardry. The games themselves would also require combinations of real footage and animation created by me and I would also probably need to add effects to make it look ‘on screen’.

This is an idea I could run with, but may be beyond my current skills and time limits for this project.


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