Time Trap

I came across this short film, and just love it. It is funny, has a very clever concept, and is put together in a high quality standard. The music is a real stand out for me, with a catchy opening/closing theme tune (composed by the creator himself), and nice orchestral pieces that follow the action on screen and remind me a bit of the droid scenes from Star Wars. I also like the effects used in the scenes with the time bubble, showing the same area from different time eras. The camera work in these scenes is impressive too.

Sadly there is no breakdown or behind the scenes for this film. The credits and the youtube comments give some clues as to how it was made though. 3D Models and rotoscoping were used for the spaceship scenes, and keying, tracking and matte painting were also used. Many of the effects were created using After Effects. The biggest fault I could find was the ‘spacemans’ costume sometimes looked a bit flimsy.

UPDATE: I think this short film has a great narrative construction. Despite being almost a silent film, the creator has managed to carry the story along with well placed mood music, and strong visual cues, such as when the spaceman will hold up his broken object to compare it to another object. We do not need dialogue to understand the plot, and this is something I need to utilise in my own project.


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