“Versus: The Way to Shadow” – by Nicolas Brunet

It’s all well and good these large film companies being able to add all these amazing effects to their movies, but it’s too much for one man to do alone, right? Wrong! This fan made Star Wars movie shows that it is possible.

The complete movie is a bit slow, and some of the effects do not quite work, but it is inspirational none the less. The soundtrack is very good in the final piece, and a nice bit of Doctor Who music in this breakdown too.

UPDATE: When I revisited this video a couple of weeks later, I had more of an understanding of the effects and realised this breakdown contains some similar techniques to what I want to do in my own project (although much more basic in my case!), including tracking and inserting extra people and objects into scenes (in this case, clone troopers, in my case Lego people), but the effect that stood out for me is around 1.10 into the breakdown where the scene is made to look more gloomy and rainy, as I may look at doing something similar for my real world opening shot.


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