The Avengers

One of my favourite films from recent years, I have to admit the main reason I included this was because it includes the scene where Hulk punches Thor!

Two main points stand out for me in this video. The first is the Hulk scene about 2 minutes in, where it shows that even amongst all the amazing special effects, the scene starts out with a simple set of a road with some taxis in front of a green screen.

The second is how the use of effects allows the creators to piece together all the different elements into one long flowing scene in the New York battle.

UPDATE: Expanding further on my original analysis. Since starting this subject I have been trying to take more notice of effects in movies as I watch them. Re-watching this movie, the effects work very well and mostly blend with the ‘real’ action well. Other movies, such as Star Wars Episode 2, seem to have used so much CGI that nothing fits together or looks real. I believe there is a fine line between getting the effects and composition right, and going to far.

My second original point also shows me that in my Lego city, I may be able to film different Lego elements separately and piece them together into one scene.


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